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Italian thermoforming machine manufacturers

It is the Turkey distributor of COMI.


Shadowline, is the Turkey distributor of Italian COMI, one of the prominent thermoform machine producers.

COMI gives orientation to the sector due to its experience of almost 50 years. The company is a world leader in the thermoform machines that are used in a wide production range from the aeronautics sector to heavy industry, from the automotive industry to the rail systems, from electronics to the home appliances sector.
Their product range is so diversified that it can address all the major players of the industry.

They also provide consultancy services directed to present the most appropriate solutions for the special customer needs.


These machines are suitable for the production of any object shaped by heat.

The thermal shaping machines of the LaborForma series are suitable to work in cycle with plastic materials such as PC / HIPS / ABS / PMMA / PP / PVC. The product range has no limits. Airplane chairs, trays and luggage, rail system walls and panels, automotive parts, bathroom furnishings such as bathtubs, shower trays, shower cabin panels, home appliances and objects such as refrigerators, doors, vacuum cleaners, illuminated signs and helmets, are only some of the those that LaborForma can produce.

LaborForma is a single station machine for plasticizing and shaping. The material feeding and unloading is manual or can be automatic upon a certain demand.

LaborForma industrial thermoform machines are produced compliant to the CE rules and have the following specifications:

  • Manual sheet feeding
  • Sheet squeezing system
  • Printing patterned vacuum shaping station
  • Double sided sheet heating system with ceramic heaters
  • Fan cooling system
  • Vacuum system
  • PC with color screen and control software

The Labor and Ventor CNC Milling series can perform any kind of end product process in the fields of wind energy, aeronautics, automotive, marine, and rail systems.
The machines are freed up so that they can meet your special needs in the best way. The design engineers, with a rich experience in the CNC machines, will identify especially for you the CNC Milling machines that best suits your production.                                                                                                                     For more information about the Thermoform and CNC Milling machines your can get in touch with us.