We can slice materials such as TE, PVC, POLYESTER, POLIPROPILENE, POLYCARBONATE, PREPREG, crosswise and lengthwise, at the highest level of labor quality with our Shetter machines for industries such as serigraphy, membrane switch, domestic appliances, aeronautics, rail systems, and automotive.

Thermoform & CNC Milling

Parts of the domestic appliances, small home appliances, interior and exterior automotive trimming, aeronautics and rail systems and the necessities of all industrial sectors that are made from POLYCARBONATE PC, ABS, PET-G sheets, can be shaped hot or cold by our high performance thermoform, CNC Milling and Folding machines and finished by our 5 axial CNC Milling machines.

Composite Shaping

Composite; we can produce airplane- helicopter window glass, train window glass, difficult to penetrate glass and ballistic glass from different combinations of plastic varieties and glass by using the autoclave process. Moreover, we can also produce convex, cambered, ultra transparent products of superior performance, completely from plastic combinations. We have an expert team with valuable know- how information and a technological machine park.