Glass Lamination Films

Precisely designed for glass lamination applications.

Shadowline serves the market in Europe, Turkey, Russia, Middle East and Africa regions as the official distributor of Affix™ Polyurethane and EVA films.

Affix™ films are unmatched in optical clarity, hot and cold properties, and offer the best overall quality in the glass laminating industry.
Glass lamination films are used in many commercial and military bulletproof vehicles, explosion, impact and hurricane resistant glass composites.
Glass laminating films are designed to work correctly in laminator equipment such as autoclaves, nip rolls or presses.
Bonds different optical layers for impact resistant applications.
It has an exceptionally strong composite bonding capacity.
Its thermal expansion and contraction properties make it ideal for bonding different materials together.
Ideal for high impact, ballistic resistant or bullet resistant glass applications.
It shows excellent elongation properties over a wide temperature range.

Usage Areas

It is extremely important to use in hospitals. No plasticizer is used to cause allergic reaction.
Antimicrobial Surface Protection Films