Canadian CNC Router manufacturer

It is the Turkey distributor of AXYZ.


Shadowline is the distributor of Canadian CNC Router manufacturer AXYZ.

Having high industry standards, AXYZ offers innovative and functional CNC Routers with remarkable cutting quality. It finds the most suitable CNC Router for the need with 368,058 standard CNC Router configurations.
Focusing on originality and exceptional service, AXYZ has a different CNC Router machine to suit every project in the industry.


With more than 10,500 CNC Routers aged 113, AXYZ machines appeal to all industries.

It is permanent from the fields of aluminum, composite and metal composite coating, sign making, graphic and print finishing, woodworking, plastic and metal fabrication, woodworking.

The whole machine is manufactured in Canada and conforms to CE certification.

It saves time and money by eliminating the need for outsourcing.

You can purchase recycling with AXYZ products to produce up to 70% faster than manual processes.

Reduce human knowledge waste by up to 30%.

Invest in an AXYZ CNC Router now for top-notch products and service.

You can contact us for more information about CNC machines.

The Infinite Series

Offers options for different sizes and budgets. It is preferred in sign making, graphics and printing, fair and shopping stand manufacturing, metal, plastic and wood manufacturing and coating.

The Pacer Series

Targets plastic and metal fabrications, aerospace and similar applications that require extremely high tolerances. It is the ideal choice for high precision, intensive and heavy jobs even in the hardest materials.

The Trident Series

Is designed to take on larger projects. It brings quality to the top with lightning-fast blade cutting and superior, triple cutting capabilities. Trident stands out with its sign making, cutting of all kinds of wood, plastic, foam and MDF and its very detailed processing.

The PANELBuilder

Model is the most comprehensive machine on the market. This sophisticated “All in one” machine is a favorite in aluminum composite and metal composite plating with its easy-to-use high-tech software package. It offers excellent precision with economical solutions.

The Innovator Series

Is produced with an integrated servo motor with the power to cut aluminum, plastic and hard woods. Provides short delivery times without sacrificing cut quality. Smooth processing comfort and high traverse speed.