Tapes with Paper Carriers

Pressure Sensitive Tapes made of Solvent free Polyacrylate material
  • Thin tissue paper carriers that can be torn by hand.
  • Silicone coated paper discharge lining
  • It is appropriate for the bonding and lamination of different materials.
  • It is supplied in the log roller and cut roller forms.

The double-sided tissue paper tapes are equipped with a very thin carrier that can be torn by hand and that provides high flexibility and light stability to the adhesive tape.Besides, the tissue paper is among the cost-effective carrier systems that affect positively the pricing of the adhesive tapes with such carriers.

They are used in general in the automotive and paper industry, for example, beside the lamination of leather or foams, they are used also for permanent pasting on paper or films.

The double- sided tissue paper tapes can be equipped with various stickers and separator linings made of paper or film. The availability of roller forms with one- sided or two- sided finger lift is also possible.