Tapes with film carriers

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes Produced from Solvent free Polyacrylate Material
  • They are available as a version with low adhesive quality and permanently removable.
  • Apart from this, they are available with two different adhesives (differentiated adhesive choices for two surfaces)
  • Solid film carrier made of PET
  • Silicon coated paper release liner
  • It is appropriate for the bonding and lamination of different materials
  • It is supplied as rollers of different widths and lengths and as sliced rollersThe double-sided film adhesive tapes usually have carrier systems made of PP or PET and are among the most stable adhesive tapes due to their tear resistance.

    At the same time, especially the thin PP films are adapting to the underlayer very flexibly. For this reason, the film tapes can be applied universally and are also suitable be used as assembling tapes along with the appropriate carrier and pressure sensitive adhesive.

    The adhesive coating is held along tightly by the film carrier and provides the possibility for more processes as very narrow cut rollers or cross- wound reels.

    Just like the fabric adhesive tapes, the double-sided film tapes can be equipped with two different adhesives.  They also present and additional advantage such as the clear separation of the pressure sensitive adhesives and films and the occurrence of no connection among the different adherence