Tapes with Fabric Carriers

Solvent free Polyacrylate Adhesive Tape
  • Selectable various permanent adhesives.
  • Strong fabric carrier made of artificial silk or polyester
  • Selector lining made of paper, easy to apply, coated with silicone.
  • It is appropriate for the bonding and lamination of different materials.
  • It is supplied as rollers of different widths and lengths and as sliced rollers. 

    The double fabric tapes might be exposed especially to high tension due to their strong carrier systems. The textile fabric is difficult to tear, however the underlayer is adapting in a flexible manner.

    The fabric adhesive tapes are perfectly suitable even at narrow dimensions as cut rollers easy to process. The frequent applications of the double- sided designs are fixing aids (especially with adhesives melting at heat), floor coverings or repairs with low mechanical loads.

    The fabric tapes are usually available with different adhesive on all sides of the tape. Despite its grill like texture, the fabric carriers do permit the very good separation of the adhesives. For example, the fabric tapes can have high adhesives or low adhesives and can be removed one- sided after usage.