Tapes with Cloth Carriers

Solvent free Polyacrylate Adhesive Tape
  • Adhesives sensitive to different pressures can be selected according to the application.
  • Thin adhesive tape stabilized with polyester cloth.
  • Selector lining made of paper, easy to apply, coated with silicone.
  • It is appropriate for the bonding and lamination of different materials.
  • It is supplied as rollers of different widths and lengths and as sliced rollers.
  • It is suitable for applications requiring reduced thickness such as the tapes without lining.

Altogether, they present certain advantages: they have more stability due to the thin cloth reinforcement, for example for cutting the rollers. The stabilized adhesive film facilitates the manual and machine processing of the adhesive tapes.

The thin cloth tapes are not used only for wide area bonding but also for narrow applications such bonding of the skirting boards or various plastic profiles. Despite the intermediate separator made of cloth, the product is cost convenient.