Rubber Cylinder Tapes (EPDM)

EPDM is synthetic rubber characterized by its high resistance to heat and other weather conditions. Due to this property is has numerous applications as adhesive tape in the outdoors areas.

Since the adherence of adhesive to the closed cell foam surface is high, a very successful final bonding on the different underlayers can be guaranteed.

The wide applications of the EPDM adhesive tapes include profiles, gaskets, or EPDM layer with adhesive tape. Due to the EPDM variable thickness and the possibility of using adhesives with different properties, the products can be adapted exactly to the targeted application.

Besides EPDM, the CR and natural rubber adhesive tapes are also available.

CR (chloroprene rubber) has an enhanced resistance to various chemicals and can be accepted as the highest quality cellular rubber. On the other side, the natural rubber meets only the normal needs from the heat and ageing points of view but is the most cost-effective alternative.