Industrially produced polycarbonate film has high heat resistance, high light transmittance and strong paint adhesion. Because of their different surface properties, polycarbonate films provide the desired result immediately.

Shadowline provides solutions for Graphic Films, Coated Films, ID Films and Flame Retardant (FR) Films.

Graphic Films

Custom-made polycarbonate graphic films help ensure the highest quality performance and virtually unlimited versatility.

  • Glossy/textured surface.
  • Easy printing and cutting.
  • Outstanding optical clarity.
  • True color reproduction.
  • Excellent depth effect without loss of vitality in double-sided printing.

Scope of Application: White appliances, Automotive interior designs, LED/LCD displays, Medical packaging, Consumer electronics.

Coated Films

Coated Films offer effective solutions for anti-scratching, weather resistance, anti-glare and anti-fog conditions. These films show high resistnance to chemicals and UV.

  • Excellent clarity in graphics and light scattering.
  • Can print and cut.
  • The right choice for Anti-Fog devices.

Scope of Application: Gas pumps, Flat membrane passage coatings for outdoor labels, Portable devices and devices electronics, Automotive interior applications, Eyeglass lenses and freezer doors.

ID Films

Shadowline offers a portfolio of high-performance polycarbonate films specially designed for electronic ID cards. The products have all the features required by international government agencies for their identification cards.

  • High temperature resistance.
  • Printable surface texture.
  • Minimum surface deterioration during lamination and printing.
  • Minimum dulling on white-layered products.
  • Excellent laser compatibility on transparent surfaces.

Scope of Application: ID and driving licence cards, Military/police/officer cards, Session permissions and border crossing cards, Tachometers, Healthcare cards.

Flame Retardant (FR) Films

FR Films are flame-retardant polycarbonate films that offer solutions for insulation and printing. They provide reliable manufacturing ability and can be formed at high temperatures. They are environmentally friendly films that can be used in OEMs.

  • Transparent and opaque.
  • Excellent FR and electrical insulation.
  • Formability at high temperatures.
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Compatibility with environmentally friendly.
  • Compatibility with adhesives.

Scope of Application: Heat and electric insulated surfaces, Insulators and search equipment, EMI protected products, Battery packs and adapters for computers, Printed circuit boards, Electrical-electronic product list.




PolyLine FR11

PolyLine FR42B

PolyLine VX11

PolyLine VX21

PolyLine VX31

PolyLine VX41

PolyLine VX42H

PolyLine VX61

Polikarbonat Filmler Genel (TR)

Polycarbonate Films General (EN)

Grafik Filmler (TR)

Graphic Films (EN)

ID Filmler (TR)

ID Films (EN)

Kaplamalı Filmler (TR)

Coated Films (EN)

Alev Geciktirici Filmler (TR)

Flame Retardant Films (EN)