Flexible Cycle Printing and Coated Polyester Films

The high specialty, hard coated plastic films and the protective polished films with printable surface are among the basic engineering plastics of the industry.

Shadowline is providing you production solutions with its polyester and polycarbonate films in a thickness range between 75 and 500 microns.

Properties of the coated films:

  • Extra resistance to scratches, abrasion, and chemicals while protecting their flexibility
  • Low mist and glare control
  • Perfect clarity and low discoloration

The coated films have a large variety of surface textures. At the beginning it has been designed for membranes. Most of the products were designed to be decorated or functionally to be printed later on and for this reason the customer base is traditionally formed by technical printing companies, the most popular ones being the serigraphic and digital printers.

It is a necessary product for the electronic hardware producers and for all kinds of printing processes.
The industrial films are available as rollers of up to 1230 mm width and as recycled sheets.

The films are stored and preserved in A Class clean room of 10.000 m2 area.

Flexible Cycle Print Films:

  • Ultra optical properties
  • Category leader regarding scratch and load resistance
  • Extraordinary resistance
  • Perfect balance of flexibility and hardness
  • Breaking preventive
  • Thermal fastness
  • Fingerprint prevention
  • Graphic ink protected by hard coated film
  • Scratch and friction resistance while maintaining the flexibility
  • Resistant to domestic cleaners, industrial chemicals, and staining.
  • Perfect clarity and low color tone.