Carrier free Tapes

Solvent free Polyacrylate Adhesive Tape
  • Adhesives sensitive to different pressures can be selected according to the application,
  • Low adhesive film thickness,
  • Separator lining is made of paper, it is easy to use and is silicone coated,
  • Standard roller width: 1.050 mm; for other formats, please get in contact

The carrier fee tapes, when compared with the other adhesive tape products present various advantages according to the product. Since they do not have any adhesive carriers, their thickness is limited only to the adhesive film thickness and consequently their thickness is smaller when compared with the other adhesive tapes.

The carrier free design also results in a product structure with a more convenient cost. It is ideal for adherence in wide areas. For example, it is more appropriate for laminated materials of 1000 mm and more width. The separator lining is present in different materials such as silicone coated paper or PP films and is available in various colors.

Relying on our large variety of adhesives we can offer permanent and resistant adherence guarantee to many various materials.