Anti-Reflective, Reflection Preventive Polycarbonate Films

These are polycarbonate films coated with glare preventive hard coatings.
Compared with the uncoated polycarbonate, the hard coating provides excellent scratch and chemical resistance.
They have been designed for front panels, name plates, screens and for architectural applications exposed to scratches.
Resistance, clarity and hardness are more important than anything.
They are available in thicknesses measuring 250, 380 and 480 microns.

  • Thicker measurements are available for hard film applications.
  • Superior degree of clarity providing striking and resistant graphics.
  • Scratch, abrasion, and erosion resistance suitable for extraordinary visual quality and long life.
  • Resistant to chemical substances, domestic cleaning materials and foodstuffs.
  • Stain and paint resistant
  • Unbreakable, they might be used for glass replacement and protection.