Vacuum Bagging Films and Apparatus

Vacuum bags and apparatus are rigid and high temperature resistant materials designed for use in advanced composite structures such as wind turbine blades, hulls and decks, as well as for all glass laminating applications.

The vacuum bagging films are essential for every lamination process to protect your materials from air.

Shadowline provides services with products that ensures excellent performance and compatibility in all types of composite lamination applications.

Vacuum Bagging Films

The vacuum bag is a compression method that takes air out of the packaging before sealing. The light layer is applied directly to the mold surface to prevent the composite part from sticking to the mold surface during curing. With this method, the autoclave process is performed without error.

Compex CX2VF120-1

Compex CXVF150-1

Compex CX2VF170-1

Compex CX2VF170-2

Compex CX2VF180-1

Compex CX2VF200-1

Compex CX2VF200-3

Compex CX2VF204-2

Compex CX2VF205-1

Compex CX2VF230-1

Compex CX2VF260-1

Compex CX2VF400-1

Sealant Tape

Sealant tapes are necessary for sealing the vacuum bags. They contain strong adhesive properties and high heat resistance.

Compex CST120

Compex CST150

Compex CST180

Compex CST210

Compex CST230


These polyester blankets are used for ventilation and medium pressure curing. They are stretchable and can be well coiled.

Compex CX2B190-3

Compex CX2BB205-2

Compex CX2BB205-2FR

Compex CX2BB230-2

Compex CX2BB427-1

Release Film / Cloth

Eliminates the need for sanding, prevents growth and helps the peeling process.

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The peelply allows the layers to peel after vacuuming.

Compex CXP180-1

Compex CXP230-1

Compex CX2PP170-1

Compex CX2PP200-2

Compex CX2PP230-1

Compex CX2PP250-1


Vacuum hoses provide the highest vacuum performance, reliability and maximum flexibility in high temperature applications for autoclaves and ovens.

Compex CX2VH232

Compex CX2VH270-1


Robust and stainless steel materials ensures long life for your laminations according to their corrosion resistance feature.

Compex CX2VV232

Compex CX2VV260-3

Compex CX2VV260-4

Compex CX2VV270-3

Compex CX2VV400