PC Solid Sheets provide the ideal solution in places requiring the best use of daylight and also they are highly resistant to impacts due to their resin properties.

Polycarbonate solid sheets are very light compared to coating materials such as glass and acrylic. They have excellent light transmission, ultraviolet filtration and protection systems such as water retention.

Shadowline offers a wide range of almost unbreakable extrusion polycarbonate solid sheets with excellent optical and mechanical properties.

The product range includes different surfaces, variants and structures. High quality sheets have excellent impact abrasion resistance.

Shadowline offers solutions for the most of indoor and outdoor applications.

General Purpose and UV Solid Sheets
  • Transparent, opal and opaque options are available.
  • Excellent optical clarity.
  • Combines excellent impact design and hardness with thermoforming and cold forming technology.
  • Double-surface UV-protected boards do not degrade in sunlight and extreme weather conditions for many years.
  • Freedom of design and potential savings in system costs.
  • Scope of Application: Roof-skylight-dome-conservatory applications, CleanWall applications, Medical fields such as hospitals-clinics-aboratories, Schools and shopping centers, Airports-bus stops-train stations.

    Flame Retardant (FR) Solid Sheets

    Flame Retardant (FR) Polycarbonate Sheets combine formability with excellent flame resistance properties and have usage in all public transportation vehicles. Especially in Airway and Railway.

    • High heat and flame resistance, high impact strength, easily formable structure.
    • High resistance to many chemicals such as chemical liquids, paints and adhesives.
    • Transparent and opaque options are available.

    Scope of Application: Product options for interior design applications of a wide range of vehicles, Light diffusers used in the electrical and electronics industry, Construction and building applications, Product options for all interior design applications including seats and panels used in trains and aircrafts.

    LineGard Hardcoated Solid Sheets

    Hardcoated sheet features are extra strengthened for hard surface and safety applications. One-side coated and double-sided coated sheet options are available.

    • Ultra resistant to abrasion, scratching and weather.
    • Excellent UV resistance.
    • Flame retardant (FR) feature.
    • Excellent optical sharpness and light weight.

    Scope of Application: Anti-vandal glasses, Safety glasses and screens, Police visors and body shields, All safety glass lamination applications.

    MirrorLine Aircraft Mirror Sheets

    More cost-effective than tempered glass and polished metal, PolyLine MirrorLine is the perfect choice for mirror applications in aircraft.

    • Made of lightweight, high-quality polycarbonate.
    • Provides excellent optical clarity and meets FAR 25.853 (a) requirements.
    • One-side coated with abrasion resistant and high tolerance to scratching. The other side which is a thermoplastic material offers exceptionally high reflective values.

    Scope of Application: All aircraft cabins and toilets.

    LEXAN* F2000

    LEXAN* F6000

    LEXAN* XHR6000


    EUROPLEX F Serisi



    BOLTARON 4000

    BOLTARON 9000


    PolyLine FR1000

    PolyLine FR3000

    PolyLine FR5000

    PolyLine FR7000

    PolyLine LD4000

    PolyLine PC Solid Sheet

    LineGard Mar-Protect

    LineGard Anti-Fog

    MirrorLine Aircraft Mirror Sheet

    Polikarbonat Filmler Genel (TR)

    Polycarbonate Solid Sheets General (EN)

    Genel Amaçlı ve UV Levhalar (TR)

    General Purpose and UV Solid Sheets (EN)

    Alev Geciktirici Levhalar (TR)

    Flame Retardant Solid Sheets (EN)

    LineGard Kaplamalı Levhalar (TR)

    LineGard Hardcoated Solid Sheets (EN)

    MirrorLine Ayna Levhalar (TR)

    MirrorLine Aircraft Mirror Sheets (EN)